Get 30-Leads in 30-Minutes A Day On Social Media

(without giving up your time, life, or sanity)


Social Strategy


In JUST 90 MINUTES you’ll walk away with a 30-DAY SOCIAL MEDIA PLAN that brings in qualified leads to grow your business and give you back hours of your day so you can be out there selling.

*Yes, this works even if you’ve been living under a rock!

What They're Saying

What They're Saying

“I get told constantly how good my social media looks thanks to Nikkie’s help!”

- Kim A.

“I get comments on my posts of people actually ready to buy a home! Nikkie has helped me stay top of mind with my friends list”

- Nathan S.

Here's The Dream...

Get leads coming in from social media

without spending a dollar!

By only spending 30-minutes a day networking online

Without giving up hours trying to figure out what to post

Get referrals from your friends left and right

And no longer go through months of lows, just waiting for full pipeline

But I get it, it’s hard because…

❌ You don’t want to be annoying your friends on social media.

❌ You feel like you’re constantly spinning your wheels because you never know what to post.

❌ Maybe you’ve even taken classes from gurus all over claiming to have the magic formula and you never implement.

❌ You’ve failed at getting leads through social media before.

❌ Because the worst thing is when you actually give it a shot and wait for people to respond only to hear crickets.

So here’s the secret...🤫

You already have everything you need.

You don’t need to get more, learn more, pay more…

You just need a plan!

Let me introduce you to Anne!

(who hated social media until she started getting easy referrals daily from it)

Anne and social media didn’t mix.

Her social media never really told anyone that she was a Realtor. It was just funny wine memes and little engagement on her posts. I was able to get her on average hundreds of likes on her posts, several shares and tags with glowing testimonials.

Ultimately getting her referral after referral.

Now, I’ll show you how to create a

simple but smart

social media presence and give you exactly what to post and what to say to turn your friends to fans and referring machines!


Social Strategy


with Nikkie, the go-to Social Media Strategist for high-level realtors!

Join me in this 90-minute deep drive strategy session where you’ll walk away with:

✔️A monthly content calendar of intentional content

✔️A blue print guide telling you exactly what to post

✔️A strategy that will get your friends to refer you

✔️ Captions specially tailored to your niche market

✔️Make sure your followers know exactly what you do, staying top of their minds

So now you can:

✔️ Get referrals

✔️ Turn your followers into fans

✔️ Never spend more than 30 minutes on social media

✔️ Have more time with your family

✔️ Make more money


Today's Price: $197